Interview Series: Kevin DeYoung (Part 2)

September 14, 2009

This is part 2 of the interview we did with Kevin DeYoung, one of our breakout session speakers in 2010. (Part 1 is here)

Continuing on…

6) Favorite biography?

Iain Murray’s two volume biography of Martyn Lloyd-Jones.  I devoured it during a Christmas break in college.  It confirmed my call to ministry, shaped my view of ministry, and inspired me for what gospel ministry could be like.

7) What will you be speaking on at T4G?

“Tis Mystery All, The Immortal Dies: Why the Gospel of Christ’s Suffering is More Glorious Because God Does Not Suffer.”

I try to answer three questions: 1) Why has the old heresy that God suffers (theopaschitism, patripassianism) become the new orthodoxy?  2) What are the reasons for still affirming the doctrine of God’s impassibility?  3) How does the view that God does not suffer help us in pastoral ministry and help to glorify God?

8) Which of the main T4G speakers could you “take to the mat” so to speak?

Hmm, this sounds like a dangerous question, but I’ll indulge.  MacArthur looks like he’s 45 and still plays football and R.C. looks pretty scrappy, so I’ll pass on both of them.  Thabiti is young and must be well-conditioned for doing ministry on the beach on the Cayman Islands.  No thanks.  And Piper is Piper.  I wouldn’t mess with him.  That leaves the original four T4Gers.  Lig looks impressive.  C.J. is known for his humility and encouragement, so I’m tempted to go with him, but I know for a fact his meekness does not go so far as athletics.  So I guess I’ll take either Mohler or Dever.  They both carried brief cases to school, as I understand it, and can talk faster than they can move (I’m hoping).  But on further thought, Al Mohler read like a thousand books last summer on war and soldiers and how to kill people and stuff.  So I’m going to leave him alone and go after Mark Dever.

9) Why are you excited about T4G?

Meeting up with old friends.  Making new friends.  Taking men from our church with me.  The bookstore (oh the bookstore!).  The signs around town that give the different pronunciations for Louisville.  The stores selling big hats for the Kentucky Derby.  The Louisville Slugger store.  Most of all, being challenged, edified, and inspired by the terrific teaching.

10) Anything else we should know or you’d like to say?

Three things: I detest vegetables, except corn on the cob (which I’m told hardly counts as a vegetable) and lima beans (go figure).  My second son was born in the hospital parking lot and I delivered him (with my wife doing all the hard work I might add).  I am extremely honored to have this opportunity to speak at T4G.

More interviews with the rest of the breakout session guys coming soon…