Interview Series: Tony Carter (Part 1)

September 23, 2009

Tony Carter, a breakout session speaker, graciously allowed us to interview him.  Here’s part 1…

1) Where do you pastor? I pastor East Point Church in East Point, GA.  It is a new church.  In many ways we are still testing the waters of congregational life.  East Point is located next to the airport in Atlanta.  And so, if you have ever flown into Atlanta (and who hasn’t?), you likely flew right over us.

2) How did you come to Christ? I grew up in the church and became a victim of what Michael Horton has called, “Christless Christianity”.  It was not until I was on my own, trying to survive a world that was not friendly to my efforts that I realized how many of my problems were the result of my own sin and how desperately I needed a Savior.  By God’s grace, my Christianity went from Christless to Christ himself.

3) Describe your call to ministry. When I came to saving faith in Christ, I desired nothing else except to know him and make him known.  I fell in love with the church and my call to preach naturally flowed from my desires to experience Christ and lead others to do the same.  In a real sense, God made sure I was restless and discontented with anything else.  I have not always been faithful to the call, but Christ has.

4) Tell us about your family. I am married to Adriane.  We have five children:  Anthony, Jr., Rachel, Sarah, Siera, and Ana.

5) What are some of your favorite activities with your family or personal hobbies? The family enjoys playing games, worshiping, and traveling (though the latter they enjoy far more than me).  I enjoy the sanctification that golf provides.  Lately my greatest pleasure has been watching my son progress in his game.  His goal is to beat me one day.  My goal is to be there when he does.

Part 2 coming soon…