Interview with Brian Habig, Part 1

November 11, 2009

1) Where do you pastor?

I pastor Downtown Presbyterian Church, a church plant of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), in downtown Greenville, South Carolina.  Our city’s downtown has undergone a revitalization that has garnered national attention, and our church is committed to this particular area of our city.

2) How did you come to Christ?

I grew up in the church but didn’t have ears to hear until high school.  In God’s mercy, He granted me the new birth when I was a tenth grader, using the teaching of His Word in our church and older believers there who invested time in me.  And He has provided others to preach and model the gospel to me ever since.

3) Describe your call to ministry.

I had talked myself into being a business major in college, but even in high school I had thought about pursuing ordained ministry.  One particular thing that the Lord used was reading the first volume of Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ biography during my summer job lunch breaks about halfway through college.  After graduation, I worked as an intern with Reformed University Fellowship, which confirmed both an “inward” and “outward” call to the ministry.

4) Tell us about your family.

My precious wife, Dana, is a Mississippian like myself.  [Insert all the “outside-my-league” type remarks here.  They would all be accurate.]  Our children’s names — Henry (9), John (7), and Betsy (4) — have been described both as “old school” and as “British royalty.”  All my attempts to make our children as boring as myself have failed.

5) What are some of your favorite activities with your family or personal hobbies?

I love to take over-produced 80’s songs and strip them down to a bare-bones arrangement for my acoustic guitar.