Interview with Brian Habig, Part 2

November 16, 2009

6) Favorite biography?

I re-read Werner Neuer’s biography of Adolf Schlatter (translated by Robert Yarbrough, a former professor) every Advent.  Schlatter was a genius of amazing breadth, and his labors as a scholar for the gospel’s sake (in a hostile European context) are an annual encouragement to me as a pastor.  He’s not a household name, but I love this biography.

7) What will you be speaking on at T4G?

“The Fears of the Minister.”  Substitute the word “fears” with “insecurities,” and you’ll get a pretty good idea of what I plan to address.  Ministers talk about Jesus Christ a lot, but we have come up with all sorts of ways to place our identity elsewhere.  (Even during the gospel-saturated days of T4G, most everyone there — especially ministers! — will be sizing each other up and wondering how they stack up by comparison!)  This session will be as pertinent to non-clergy as it is to ordained ministers.

8)Which of the main T4G speakers could you “take to the mat” so to speak?

Ligon used to doubt my claims to mastery of Shaolin Kung Fu, but after what we simply refer to as “the incident,” he now grows strangely silent whenever the matter comes up.

9) Why are you excited about T4G?

I’m a blank slate, having never attended T4G.  It will be a 90 degree learning curve for me.  I’m humbled to be a part of it.

10) Anything else we should know or you’d like to say?

Thank you for even reading this far.  And I think that 1 Corinthians 2:1-5 would be a fitting way to be praying for those teaching that week, especially the main speakers.