Interview with Greg Gilbert, Part 2

December 11, 2009

6) Favorite biography?

Roland Bainton, Here I Stand (Martin Luther)

7) What will you be speaking on at T4G?

I’ll be speaking on the question, “What is the Gospel?”  Even though Christians all would affirm that the gospel is at the center of their lives, it seems to me that there is a good deal of confusion out there—and even perhaps “in here” among evangelicals, too—about what the gospel really is.  Questions abound:  How does gospel relate to kingdom?  How does gospel relate to cultural transformation?  Is the cross about Jesus exhausting the wrath of God in the place of sinners, or something else?  Even if it is about that, aren’t there other images of the cross that will communicate better with our culture?

8)Which of the main T4G speakers could you “take to the mat” so to speak?

Definitely Mark.  No question.  Ask him how many push-ups he can do!

9) Why are you excited about T4G?

What a great time the last two conferences have been—seeing old friends, being reminded of our calling as Christians to be clear on the gospel, and rejoicing in it through incredible music!  I am fully expecting God to pour out the same blessings on T4G’10.

10) Anything else we should know or you’d like to say?

Nope, don’t think so.