Asian American Pastor's Conference

March 24, 2010

For all those coming to T4G, there is a T4G Preconference we wanted to let you know about.

What: Asian Americans Building Healthy Churches (sponsored by 9Marks)
Where: Kentucky International Convention Center, Louisville, Kentucky.
When: April 13, 2010 from 9:00-10:30 am
Who: Jeffrey Jue speaking followed by panel discussion. Panel guests: Jeffrey Jue, Julius Kim, Mark Dever, and host Jeremy Yong.

Who should attend the preconference?
This preconference is really for everyone, not just Asian Americans! If you are an Asian American thinking about your own ministry, we trust this will serve you. But even if you are curious to know what issues face many of your Asian American brothers and sisters, or if you haven’t the slightest clue what an Asian American is, the preconference is for you! Through this conference, we hope to raise awareness of what God is doing in Asian American churches around us and consider how we might support them in the fight of faith.

Why are you excited about having Jeff Jue, Julius Kim, and Mark Dever there? And what will we be discussing?
We have brothers from different cultures, and denominations, joining together in the Spirit of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, with the same goal of seeing the local church display the glory of God… That in itself is exciting!

I’m especially looking forward to Jeff Jue’s talk called “The Unadjusted Gospel and the Asian American Church.” I’m sure Dr. Jue’s address will be great fodder for discussion as we examine the particular challenges Asian American Christians and their churches face in preserving and growing in the gospel. Dr. Kim and Dr. Dever will be excellent conversation partners.

How Can I Find out More Information?
To find out more information and to register, visit

What is Project Antioch and why does it exist?
With a common friendship and shared desires to see Asian American Churches grow in health, three friends joined together to form Project Antioch, a group dedicated to addressing Asian American church issues and promoting its health Project Antioch has partnered with 9 Marks to bring you Asian Americans Building Healthy Churches. See you at the preconference!