T4G is using Eventbrite online software to register all attendees.  Each of you has a unique code below that allows for eleven (11) free registrations to be used for you and your associates.  

Why 11 registrations?
One for you plus 10 associates.  Please register your own name first and then up to 10 additional staff/family/friends.  

Why do we ask speakers to register?
Over the years we have found this process ensures you receive the conference credentials and conference instructions in the mail in advance.


Click on the link below and then click on the green register button.

Thabiti Anyabwile – https://t4g18.eventbrite.com?discount=T4G18Anyabwile

Matt Chandler – https://t4g18.eventbrite.com?discount=T4G18Chandler

Mark Dever – https://t4g18.eventbrite.com?discount=T4G18Dever

Kevin DeYoung –  https://t4g18.eventbrite.com?discount=T4G18DeYoung

Ligon Duncan – https://t4g18.eventbrite.com?discount=T4G18Duncan

John MacArthur –  https://t4g18.eventbrite.com?discount=T4G18MacArthur

CJ Mahaney – https://t4g18.eventbrite.com?discount=T4G18Mahaney

Al Mohler – https://t4g18.eventbrite.com?discount=T4G18Mohler

John Piper – https://t4g18.eventbrite.com?discount=T4G18Piper

David Platt – https://t4g18.eventbrite.com?discount=T4G18Platt