Breakouts are held on the afternoon of April 15th and can be chosen when you register.

Breakout 1 (April 15, 2 – 3 p.m.)

Afshin Ziafat – “Training International Pastors as Part of our Missionary Task”
Albert Mohler and Ligon Duncan – “Current Theological Tensions”
Brian Davis and Garrett Kell – “Together for the Gospel…in America? The need for new, diverse, and unified ministry”
Brian Howard – “How to Become a Church Planting Church
Daniel Akin – “Biblically Faithful, Grace Filled Marriages”
David Platt – “Overlooking our Obligation to the Nations: Why Most Churches (and Pastors) are Practically Ignoring the Great Commission…and What to Do About it”
Derek Thomas – “Why Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress Deserves to be the Most Read Book Other Than the Bible”
Geoff Chang – “Lessons on Ecclesiology and Church Life from Spurgeon”
Jim Hamilton, Robert Cara – “Baptist and Presbyterian Perspectives on Biblical Theology”
John Folmar, Jeramie Rinne, and Andy Johnson – “Wanted: Pastors for International Churches”
Jonathan Leeman – “Identity Politics and the Death of Christian Unity”
Mark Dever – “Pastors Fellowshipping Together”
Mary Mohler, Melissa Kruger, and Keri Folmar – “The Pastor’s Wife” (For Women)
Matt Merker – “Congregational Worship Is… Congregational”
Mike Kruger – “Can We Trust the New Testament?”

Breakout 2 (April 15, 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.)

Albert Mohler – “The Moral Revolution: The Eclipse of Christianity”
Brian Howard – “Acts 29 Gathering
Clint Humfrey, Paul Martin – “Ministry in Canada”
David Platt – “Pride and Prayerfulness: Our Desperate Need to Revive Devotion to Prayer in the Church”
Isaac Adams, H. B. Charles Jr, and Mark Vroegop. – “Taking Racial Struggles to the Throne of Grace: A Time of Corporate Prayer for Racial Strife Between Christians”
Jeremy Yong, John Lee, Geoff Chang, and PJ Tibayan – Asian American Gathering – Principles Before Pragmatism: Applying Biblical Clarity to Cultural Contexts
John Musyimi – “On the Prosperity Gospel”
John Piper – “Ask Pastor John” (moderated by Tony Reinke)
Juan Sanchez and Miguel Núñez – “¡Latinoamérica Despierta!” (Latin America, Awaken!) (in Spanish)
Mack Stiles – “Bring Your Boomers: Mobilizing Midlifers for Missions”
Mark Dever, Ligon Duncan – “Why the Regulative Principle Doesn’t Prohibit Drums But May Fix Your Church”
Mez McConnell – “Church in Hard Places”
Mike Kruger, Kevin DeYoung – “Presbyterian and Reformed Gathering”
Peter Williams and Simon Gathercole – “The Authority of Scripture”
Richard Chin – “Why So Many of Us Teach the Right Doctrine From the Wrong Text”