Frequently asked questions


  • Will there be a livestream ticket option?

    At this time, we do not plan to offer any virtual or livestreaming tickets to T4G22. We believe our in-person gathering is vital for our conference and are focusing 100% of our efforts towards that end. We always post our talks online after the event, and you are welcome to view them virtually at that time. Finally, we are well aware circumstances may change and will alert everyone should events call for a change of plans.

  • Weren’t there more Pre-Conferences when you launched?

    Yes, we launched registration with three pre-conferences. However, after our big changes in late October, we ended up canceling and refunding two of them. The Monday Pre-Conference Male & Female He Created Them: The Glory and the Urgency of God’s Design for Men and Women and the Tuesday Pre-Conference Finneyism 2.0? Confronting Pragmatic Methodologies in Missions are gone, leaving only one remaining, The Gospel and Abuse sponsored by 20schemes. Join us at 9:00-11:30 on Tuesday morning by adding it to your registration at check-out.

  • What happened to the breakout talk options?

    Since this is our last T4G, we decided to remove the breakout talks and add one more main session focused on the important topic of missions. Please join us on the main stage for that talk, or use the time to fellowship with new and old friends.

  • Mark Dever mentioned mailing out John Piper’s Providence book to all Early Bird Registrations, how do I get that?

    We are giving a copy of John Piper’s Providence book to all Early Bird registrations (those purchased before November 18, 2021). For all registrants in the continental USA, we are mailing those out this year, in 2021. For all international registrants, we will have copies available for you to pick-up in-person, at the conference.

  • Who can attend T4G22?

    T4G is designed primarily to encourage pastors and church leaders, but ALL are welcome to attend.

  • What are the current COVID-19 protocols?

    The facilities have increased cleaning frequency and added hand sanitizer stations since COVID started. We don’t intend to require additional measures past what the state of Kentucky requires when we meet. As you can imagine, that puts much variability on precisely what the rules will be in a few months. We will let everyone know what to expect in the emails leading up to the conference.

  • What does the registration fee cover?

    The registration fee covers admission to all plenary sessions, plus conference materials.

  • Are discounts available?

    Yes, we offer a student rate, international rate, and group rates. We do not have any other discounts.

  • Who qualifies for the “Student” rate?

    If you spend more time at school than at work, then you can use the student rate. If you’re not sure, we leave it to you.

  • Who qualifies for the “International” rate?

    If you spend the majority of your year living outside of the contiguous United States, then utilize the international rate. If you’re not sure, we leave it to you.

  • Can I add to my group after registering?

    Yes. You can add to your group at the current group rate by logging into your web connect account and following these steps:

    1. Make a T4G Webconnex Account.
    2. Log into your T4G account and click “Registrations” at the top.
    3. Click on the Order you wish to edit.
    4. Click “+ Add Registrant” button at the top of the page.
    5. Fill in their information and pay at the bottom. It should give you the option to pay with your original card.

    Note: This is also where you an edit any current registrants and change their breakouts, etc.

    Email us with any questions at:

  • Can I change my ticket from “Individual” to “Group 3+” if I find two other friends to join me? Or change from “Group 3+” to “Group 7+”?

    No. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to move tickets from one ticket type to another.

  • Can I add a pre-conference or a meal plan after registering for T4G22?

    Yes, but space is limited. You can add a pre-conference or meal plan by logging into your webconnex account. If you have any questions, email us at

  • Can I bring children to the conference?

    Children are welcome to attend T4G but if they require seating, they must register.  Regarding infants (i.e. non-registered), due to space limitations, infant carriers cannot take up seating (e.g. You, your spouse, and unregistered infant cannot consume three seats).

  • What is the cancellation/refund policy?

    T4G22 Registration Cancellations:
    – $30 cancellation fee from September 8 – December 1.
    – $60 cancellation fee from December 2 – February 28.
    – No refunds will be given after February 28. Why? On March 1 we will mail wristbands (your credential to enter the conference).

    Meal Plan and Pre-Conference Cancellations:
    – $5 cancellation fee for the Pre-conference and Meal Plan until February 28.
    – No refunds will be given after February 28.

    All cancellation submissions must be made by emailing

  • When and how do I check-in?

    If you register with a U.S. address before February 28, 2022, a T4G wristband will be mailed to the address you provided. This wristband will act as your “ticket” and will grant you access to all sessions and bookstores. No on-site check-in required.
    If you register after February 28 or are using an international address, you will need to go to the Registration Desk in the Kentucky International Convention Center when you arrive in Louisville to receive your wristband.


  • Can I purchase just particular meals within the meal plan?

    The T4G Meal Plan is a package, so individual meals cannot be purchased, and credit can’t be given for missed meals.

  • What is the cancellation policy for the meal plan?

    Prior to February 28, 2022, there is a $5 cancellation fee. After February 28, 2022, no refunds will be given for cancellations.

  • Can I stay at hotels not listed on the T4G website?

    Yes. We have chosen the hotels listed on our website because they are generally within a block or two of the conference facilities, and we were able to negotiate special rates. There are certainly more hotels, and further afield, but they do not offer the conference rates and we can’t predict availability.

  • Is there parking available near the conference?

    All the hotels have parking, if you are staying at one of them. There are also a number of city and private parking lots/garages: Interactive Parking Map.

  • What do I need to bring to enter the conference?

    Approximately two weeks prior to the conference you will receive an envelope in the mail with a T4G22 wristband. That wristband will serve as your “ticket” to enter the conference. No on-site check-in will be required.
    However, those who register after February 28, 2022, will not receive anything in advance and will have to go to the “Registration Help Desk” located in the Kentucky International Convention Center when arriving at the conference.

  • Are there any promotional materials available?

    Yes, there are downloadable and print promotional options.

  • Can I bring a bag or backpack?

    Small backpacks, bags, and briefcases are permitted, but may be subject to an additional security check.

  • Can I bring a stroller to the conference?

    For Main Sessions at the KFC Yum! Center, strollers are required to stay on the ground floor at a designated stroller parking area near the Help Desk.  At the Kentucky International Convention Center, strollers are allowed throughout the building.

  • Is there a statement of T4G’s theology?

    T4G has adopted a series of theological positions in the form of affirmations and denials.

  • Is there wheelchair accessibility?

    The KFC Yum! Center (plenary sessions) and the Kentucky International Convention Center (bookstore/exhibit hall) are both wheelchair accessible. Check the wheelchair accessibility box on the registration form to ensure we can care for you.

  • Is there reserved seating?

    Reserved seating is only available to those who require sign language interpretation. If you have a disability and require special assistance, please contact us.

  • Is interpretation available?

    ASL interpretation will be available. Please check the appropriate box on the registration form. Translation is not available in any other language.

  • Are session or day passes available?


  • Are exhibiting opportunities available?

    Yes, we will be accepting exhibitor applications through November 1, 2021.

  • Will T4G be giving away books like past years?

    Yes, we will once again have Zero Dollar Books. Please save space in your suitcase or use onsite UPS shipping to simplify your trip.


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