Where is the full schedule?
The full at-conference schedule can be found in the Conference Guide or in the T4G18 app. A Livestream schedule can be found at Details of when speakers will be speaking will not be provided in advance.  

When will talks be posted at
We plan to upload plenary talks and panels within two hours of when they are finished.

What content will be posted at
Our plan is to post video of all plenary talks and panels and then audio of the Seminars and Gatherings.

What is the conference hashtag?

When does T4G22 registration open?
September, 2021. If you need a reminder, be sure to sign up for our emails at the bottom of


Where can I receive the Zero Dollar Book giveaways?
Book giveaways will take place in the main lobby of the KFC Yum! Center and in the Kentucky International Convention Center.

Where is the Help Desk
You can find one Help Desk near the lobby of the KFC Yum! Center and another in the Kentucky International Convention Center exhibit hall.

Where can I find First Aid?
There is first aid available at the entrance of the KFC Yum! Center and at the Kentucky International Convention Center exhibit hall.


Is translation available?
ASL interpretation is available.  Translation is not available in any other language.  (Those requiring sign language interpretation should go to the Yum! Help Desk to pick up a special wristband.)

Do you have any listening devices available?
Yes, please visit the Help Desk at the KFC Yum! Center.

Is there a private room for nursing mothers?
Unfortunately the KFC Yum! Center does not have a designated area for nursing mothers (as a sports arena it is not set up with these sorts of facilities).


Can my friend/spouse/family attend a session with me?
Only those with a wristband can attend the conference.


Where is my breakout located?
Locations are listed in the conference guide or in the T4G20 app.

Can I switch my breakout?
No, unless you want to go to the ones in the arena (Current Theological Tensions with Albert Mohler/Ligon Duncan at 2 p.m. and Pride and Prayerfulness with David Platt at 3:30 p.m.) Many of the venues are full and we need to adhere to capacity maximums laid down by Fire Code.

How can I find what breakout I signed up for?
Check your email for a subject line: Information about T4G20. If you did not receive the email or can’t find it, please visit the Help Desk or check your Eventbrite Registration.