Every year at Together for the Gospel we provide a conference guide to all attendees. We’re delighted to make this available as a free download (.PDF). This year’s conference guide does not feature hymns and sheet music, however, as the guide from years past have. That’s because at T4G 2016, we gave to each attendee the new hymnal “Hymns of Grace” from The Master’s Seminary.

Hymns of Grace is a project of Grace Community Church & The Master’s Seminary. This collection of approximately 355 titles features current standard hymns (some rearranged musically), old hymns that have fallen out of use, many wonderful new hymns, and more than 90 responsive Scripture readings.

Download the T4G 2016 Conference Guide

You may download and share the conference guide as long as you do not sell it or alter any of its content in any manner. 

At T4G 2016, we sang exclusively from this hymnal under Bob Kauflin’s leadership. You can find Bob’s list of song’s below: