Fears of the Minister

Speakers: Brian Habig Year: 2010 Session: Breakout Session

What thoughts as a minister make you captive to fear? Teaching and preaching God’s Word needs to be primary in the pastor’s life. Jesus Christ meets every need the pastor has and ever will. In this session, Brian Habig pulls out the scalpel and does heart surgery on the fears and insecurities of pastors.


Brian Habig grew up in Mississippi, as did his wife, Dana, and graduated from Mississippi State University and Covenant Theological Seminary. After seminary, he served as a campus minister with Reformed University Fellowship at MSU and at Vanderbilt University. The Habigs moved to Greenville in May 2005. Brian and Dana have three children: Henry ('99), John ('02), and Betsy ('05). Brian likes working in his yard and figuring out arrangements of 80s songs for the acoustic guitar.