ASL- God’s Glory as the Base of our Courage (Romans 11:33-36)

Speakers: Matt Chandler Year: 2016 Session: Main Session

Matt Chandler only gets three words into this sermon’s text before stopping to exalt our sovereign God. Encouraging pastors to not bow to cultural pressures, Chandler exalts in the strength of God’s omnipotence. Chandler reviews a recent trip he took to Rome, where he saw how the world’s strongest empire—which tried to exterminate Christians—lies in ruins yet Christ’s reigns in victory. Thus, “Christian courage inflamed and informed by the glory of God will be the undoing of every empire against the kingdom of God.” Take heart, brothers and sisters.


Matt Chandler serves as lead pastor for teaching at The Village Church in Dallas, Texas. He assumed this role in August 2002 after several years of serving on a local church staff and as an itinerant preacher. Matt is involved in church planting around Dallas and across the world through The Village Church and other partnerships such as Acts 29, at which he serves as president. He is the author of The Mingling of Souls, The Explicit Gospel, and Creature of the Word. He and his wife, Lauren, live with their three children in Highland Village, Texas.