New Speakers at T4G20

Greg Gilbert

Greg Gilbert’s time at Yale University taught him that every generation has to defend the gospel against new challenges.

Trip Lee

Trip Lee’s story is a clear picture of how God’s grace is made perfect in our weakness.

Ed Moore

Faithfully serving for nearly 30 years, Ed has something to teach every pastor.

Matt Merker

Matt Merker will be leading the singing at T4G. His hymn, “He Will Hold Me Fast” has quickly become a much-loved song by Christians and congregations around the world. The story behind the song is an incredible story of God’s faithfulness.

Mark Dever: Free Books at T4G20

In this video, Mark Dever explains how these giveaway books are selected and why free books have always been a central part of T4G.

Don’t miss out on the book giveaways at T4G20 — registration prices will increase in less than one week on January 16. Click here to register today and save.

Book giveaways aren’t the only thing to look forward to at T4G20. In this video, Mark Dever, Albert Mohler, and Ligon Duncan discuss other elements of T4G.

Mark Dever: Make the Most of T4G20 with the Meal Plan

Add the Meal Plan to your T4G20 registration.

“I signed up for the meal plan at T4G18 and didn’t have to stand outside restaurants, could sit with my whole pastoral team, and had several encouraging conversations with other pastors.” — James

The meal plan allows attendees to avoid long restaurant lines while staying close to sessions and the book store.

The T4G Meal Plan is $90 and can be purchased at the same time as your T4G registration ticket.

Add the meal plan to your existing T4G20 registration at