We have already reserved a room for speakers at:
Omni Louisville Hotel
        400 South 2nd St.
        Louisville, KY 40202
        Phone: (502) 313-6664  

What was wrong with the Marriott from past years?  The Marriott limited T4G to a certain number of suites/rooms.  We think it is important to have the plenary speakers housed together for easy access.  

If I bring an assistant, where will he be housed?  If needed, we will reserve rooms in adjacent hotels (Marriott or The Galt House).  

Travel – Airline
You have two options to secure your air travel arrangements:

1. On your own:  Secure your own travel plans and seek reimbursement by emailing both your flight itinerary and proof of purchase to matt.schmucker@gmail.com or…

2. Use our travel agent:  You can avoid seeking reimbursement by using our travel agency, Executive Travel.  Follow these instructions:

  • Call:  888-562-5968 or 402-458-9869
  • State the corporate account name:  Gospel Projects
  • Give CODE: Together for the Gospel or T4G

Travel – To and From the Airport
T4G will provide plenary speakers airport shuttle service in Louisville as needed.  It is important to fill out the survey below and check the box asking for shuttle service.

About Your Travel Companion

  • Registration: The companion should use the speaker’s code provided on the dashboard to register at no cost.
  • Air Travel: If traveling by air, the companion is free to use the same traveling instructions as the speaker.
  • Travel To and From the Airport: If the companion is not traveling at the same time as the speaker, shuttle service will need to be arranged on his/her own.  An allotment of $50 will be paid by check to the companion as reimbursement (no receipts necessary).
  • Meals: An allotment of $225 will be paid by check to the companion as reimbursement (no receipts necessary).


Very important!  Once your flights have been booked, please click on the link below to fill out the attached survey.  By filling out this survey we will greatly reduce the email traffic and potential for error.